Project Description

Product Description

Suction clip I1

Suction clip with sign pop clip.

Suction Clip is a small 20mm width clip to attach price sign cards at one side and suction cup at other side to hang on the window. The clip can hold max to 11mm thickness. and the suction cup is φ45cm. Unlike the magnetic clip, the suction clips are usually used on Wall, Glass or the glossy products. The joint on the middle is designed t rotate the clip about 45degree when we display the sign. it become convenient to show the price or product spec for retailers.

The Feature:

1. With suction cup, it is attached cards to the window with pop clip.
2. The clip could be rotated when to display.
3. Suction cup is designed to attached to the gloss products firmly.
4. With eco friendly materials, we use stainless steel spring and SGS proved plastic.
5. Suction cup could be provide with other sizes such as 50mm.
6. Want Better transparency, we will offer PC clip as well.


Usage Sign holder clip
Material Plastic
Color Clear
Suction cup Width 45mm
Total Length 55mm
Max Card thickness 11mm
Rotated clip Yes
Anti slip mat No
Spring Stainless steel/Plastic
Extension Arm 5cm/ 10cm

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