Project Description

Product Description

Round base clipL5

Round base pop clip sign holder with Spring.

The POP clip sign holder with round base is designed to used on the Deli or Bakery shops widely. With the joint design, the uppon clip could be angled 360degree for retailer’s need. We offer 3 different kinds of round bases, 25mm, 45mm, 90mm. The base could be added with tapes if the card or promotion signs is large or heavy. in addition, we provide magnetic base as well. The clip can hold Max to 11mm thickness which is enough for the retailer to display.

The Feature:

1. With plastic base, it is fixed to the counter easily.
2. The clip could be rotated when to display with joint.
3. Attract customers clipped with signs.
4. With eco friendly materials, we use stainless steel spring and SGS proved plastic.
5. Provide magnetic or tapes type base as well.
6. Want Better transparency, we will offer PC clip as well.


Usage Sign holder clip
Material Plastic
Color Clear
Base size 25mm/45mm/90mm
Total Length 180mm
Max Card thickness 11mm
Rotated clip Yes
Anti slip mat No
Spring Stainless steel/Plastic
Extension Arm Customized

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