EUROSHOP 2020 Review


EUROSHOP as the world’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair, is held in Dusseldorf, Germany every three years. More than 110,000 visitors from all the world will participate in the show, seek new, innovative, effective retail solutions. 8 Halls with 8 categories: Shop Fitting&Design, Retail Marketing, Food Tech&Energy Management, Lighting, Visual Merchandising, Expo &Event Marketing, Food Service Equipment, and Retail Technology. Every exhibitor have the chance to display his ideas and products to the world, including Sailing Display!

Sailing Display—the professional Manufacturer of POP area, has attended 2020 year’s EUROSHOP in Dusseldorf from Feb 16th -Feb 20th. With more than 10 year experience, Sailing Display is now focus on the customers not only the product itself. We want our products could be an effective method to present the various information of goods for the retails. That’s why we provide metal stand, plastic clip, frames and shelf management system, more and more different kinds of products. And we pay more attention to the new designs every month. We understand the innovation can keep the enterprises developing continuously.

We have two targets for EUROSHOP.

First, we would like to display all our popular products not only  new products but also classic items. It is our first opportunity to show our brand. There are more than 300 customers form 160 countries in our bath. It could a huge number compared to the previous fairs.

Second, We would to learn more advanced technologies and products from exhibitors. We could communicate with people from all the worlds, especially with some of our foreign customers.

It is a great success and great opportunity for us. And we are now looking forward to the next EUROSHOP 2023.