Project Description

Product Description

Sign holder PV11

PVC card sign holder

The PVC sign holder is used to display on Shops like Restaurants, retailers, cafes,and malls. If can be easy to slide signs in the sign holder when we want to change it. The crystal appearance make it better for the customers.

The Feature:

1. Made of high quality Transparent PVC.
2. Size can be customized like A4, A5,A6, A7 size.
3. Display for promotion effeciently.
4. Used in various places.


Product Insert size Thickness Landscape Portrait Color
A3 420*297mm 2mm Yes Yes Transparent
A4 297*210mm 2mm Yes Yes Transparent
A5 210*148mm 1mm Yes Yes Transparent
A6 148*105mm 1mm Yes Yes Transparent
A7 105*74mm 1mm Yes Yes Transparent
A8 74*52mm 1mm Yes Yes Transparent

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