Project Description

Product Description

Cigarette shelf pusher mini type

Cigarette shelf pusher provides to bring the products directly in front of the shelf and allow products visible continously presentd to the customers. It could keep order and tidy on the shelf saving retailer time to arrange and pleases customers make choices. With our pusher system, we can put goods into one row in order.No mater the goods are cigarettes boxs or snacks bag, the shelf system could present them faced-up and looked professional. For one shelf management system Kit, It included 3 parts:
1. Pusher (Including spring loaded House and guide rail)
2. Divider/Separator
We could easily assemble the pusher system on the shelf and can adjusted the width by sliding the dividers.

The Feature:

1. Keep the shelf in order and goods in front of customers.
2. Save retailers time and please customers.
3. Simple assembling and be adjusted by ourselves.
4. WE offer customized divders and spring powers.
5. Reduce the cost of shelf mantentaince.


UsageDisply in front of shelf.
MaterialPlastic, stainless steel
ColorTransparent, White
Spring power3-10N

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