Project Description

Product Description

Floor type showcard display stand

The Floor type display stand provides a good solution to the pallet displays. The base made of metal sits under the pallets, and the whole stand is not heavy duty but could stabilizes the pallet well. The Chrome pole extends from 1050 to2100mm which is mostly enough for the pallet display. The L arm is designed to hang A3 and A4 posters. It also can be used with Frames which will make the sign stand out.

The Feature:

1. with the Upper clip 80mm, it can hold 9mm thickness which is easily hold card to display
2. Bottom clip is 2.5cm with largest clamp 2.5cm tube or similiar products.
3. We offer anti-slip mat on the clips to protect the display goods.
4. With eco friendly materials, we use stainless steel spring and SGS proved plastic.
5. Available in Clear and Black.
6. Want Better transparency, we will offer PC clip as well.


UsagePallet display
MaterialMetal, Plastic
Surface treatmentChrome
Adjusted height39”-82.3”
Base materialMetal
Poster sizeA3-A4size
Height customizedYes
Double sidedYes
Outdoor useNo

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