Project Description

Product Description

Breakable Shelf Divider 1

Shelf management system breakable divider

The breakable shelf divider is used to bring the products directly in front of the shelf organised. It could keep order and tidy on the shelf saving retailer time to arrange. The breakable part is 2.5cm length. And we can adjusted from 285mm to 485mm that can fit various shelf length. The Divider is made of Polycarbonate which is strong enough to hold products on the shelf.
We offer several kinds of dividers and continue to design more.

The Feature:

1. Keep the shelf in order.
2. Breakbale length for different kinds shelves.
3. Simple assembling with T-rail.
4. We offer customized divders.


Usage Keep the shelf in order
Material Polycarbonate
Color Transparent
Total Width 10cm
Total Length 28.5cm-48.5cm
Max Card thickness 2.5cm

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