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What is the technology of cardboard display and trash can placement


How to do terminal sales well is a essential subject fo […]

How to do terminal sales well is a essential subject for every supermarket. Commodity display is a required way for terminal sales in the supermarket.  are not only convenient but can trigger customers’ purchasing desire, enhancing the commodity’s brand image in the supermarket.In order to keep the cardboard display balance, safe, we should lower the overall center of gravity when placing the commodity on the propos cardboard display and dump bin.

And the method is placing light and small goods on the upper layers and the heavy and large goods should be placed on the lower layers. It also accords to people’s visual habit.The most natural viewing angle is head-up, so you should choose a highly appropriate cardboard display to place different items by level, category, and primary and secondary. Take the five-layer paper display stand as an example.

The top three layers is the easiest to notice by consumers, and the bottom two layers are basically ignored. So, we recommends putting the main goods or the promotional goods on the first layer.Placing the products systematically in the cardboard display by type, according to the principle of commodity classification will avoid the phenomenon of scattered distribution or repetition in different classification catalogue.

So as not to bring consumers Acrylic Stand a messy visual experience or other such a company that make perfect propos cardboard display and dump bin integrating so many advantages such as beautiful outlook, competitive price, easy operation. We are here waiting for you anywhere anytime.

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