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Three common materials for cardboard display racks


Cardboard display racks are made of environmental Shelf […]

Cardboard display racks are made of environmental Shelf Pusher protection corrugated cardboard through various processing procedures. Corrugated cardboard has at least one layer of corrugated core paper, so it has good cushioning performance and can withstand collision and fall during logistics transportation.

Corrugated cardboard is the best material of Display Racks.So what are the commonly used materials for cardboard display Stands?According to the height of corrugated cardboard and the number of corrugation in a 300 mm length cardboard, corrugated cardboard is divided into A flute, C flute, B flute, E flute, F flute, BC flute, BE flute, etc. And the commonly used materials of cardboard display shelves are B flute, E flute and BE flute corrugated cardboard.

The height of B flute corrugated cardboard is 2.5-3.0 mm. The assembly process of the display shelf needs folding many times. Therefore, B flute corrugated cardboard is a strong and suitable material for larger display units.The height of E flute corrugated cardboard is 1.1-2.0 mm.

It can be printed directly like paper and this material often used to make small and exquisite display shelves.The height of BE flute corrugated cardboard is 4.5-5.0 mm. It combines the structural advantages of above two types. It is stronger than B flute corrugated cardboard and can also assemble hooks and other accessories to display diversified commodities. It’s one of the most strongest materials for cardboard FSDU, and breaking through the limitations of corrugated cardboard display.

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