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Why can acrylic products replace glass products?


As we all know, glass is the material we used to use as […]

As we all know, glass is the material we used to use as a transparent product. We didn't think of it at that time. Glass products will be replaced by acrylic products one day. So how does acrylic replace glass? Today, I will share with you how acrylic has replaced the glass step by step.

First, the transparency of acrylic is as high as 92%, while that of ordinary glass is only 85%. The acrylic printed with color is more beautiful and more eye-catching under the sunlight.

Second, the degree of insulation of acrylic is also very outstanding. We also have many customers who use acrylic to make flat panel display, electronic door display and so on.

Third, it is environmentally friendly, because acrylic is a relatively new environmentally friendly material, and it can be used repeatedly. Unlike glass, it can only be thrown away as garbage, even when it is moving, glass products. Too heavy and we are not convenient to carry, but it is a pity to throw it away as garbage. When the waste is sold, it cannot be sold at a good price.

Finally, acrylic also has a very strong plasticity. Because acrylic is lighter than ordinary glass, it can be processed into the type you want. For example, the display stand, storage box, photo frame, etc. used in our daily life can be customized. Custom size, thickness and color can be customized.


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