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How to choose a camera bracket


The correct choice of the bracket will also directly af […]

The correct choice of the bracket will also directly affect the monitoring effect of the security CCD board camera, such as the angle and model of the bracket. If it is not suitable for the scene environment, it will be likely to have a monitoring angle and insufficient area.

Therefore, the choice of the bracket should also be considered for the appearance of the camera and the environment used.The camera bracket is different from the pan is used in applications where rotary tracking is required. For fixed monitoring, the camera can be directly mounted on the bracket. Since the CCD camera has low bracket cost and low price, it is fixed.

A large number of applications are available for monitoring. The brackets are not only various in shape, but also have many sizes and specifications. The general brackets are short, long, straight, and curved from the shape. We have to choose different models according to different requirements during construction.

Mounting the camera for outdoor use is to consider the installation position and load capacity is not enough, do not install too low or too high, and if the installation location is not a wall, but a pole or steel tower crane, Then the bracket has to be customized to ensure that the outdoor CCD board camera can work normally after being installed.

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