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How to check if the design structure of the display stand is durable


Even if there is no customized experience, the design s […]

Even if there is no customized experience, the design structure Plastic Clip of the food and beverage display stand is very important. And the number of products placed must be displayed steadily, the stability of the beverage display rack must be ensured at this point. How can the customer verify that the customized food and beverage display stand is durable?

The processing method may be one-piece welding, or it may be screw assembly. Generally, manufacturers will increase the fixing frame in order to increase the stability of the display.The materials used in the design of metal beverage display racks are generally cold-rolled steel sheets, cold-drawn steel wires, back-grid but the thickness of cold-rolled steel sheets and cold-drawn steel wires is inconsistent, and this must be observed in the inspection room.

The surface treatment of food and beverage display racks is generally treated by electrostatic spray or paint. The surface is smooth and bright, and there is no burr. Therefore, when purchasing the beverage display rack, the customer must ask the manufacturer about its materials, processing methods and surface process technology, the general quality of the beverage display rack used  years is no problem.

Customized food and beverage display racks, we need to consider a lot of things, if you have any questions in this area, you can consult our senior product consultants whenever necessary, holiday team will provide various professional solutions for your problems free of charge.

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