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Considerations for designing the dustbin


The precaution need to pay attention during the Acrylic […]

The precaution need to pay attention during the Acrylic Stand  designing process are as follows:(different shapes of dump bin can be applied to different products, there are some cases for references. Choosing different shapes according to commodity’s characteristics. Customers will associate the shape of dump with the displayed commodity. For example, a dump bin shaped like a dragon boat will make people think of the Dragon Boat Festival.

And Dragon Boat Festival will make people think of the traditional food of it Zongzi. Therefore, the dump bin will promote the sales. If we make a dragon boat dump bin for Coca Cola, we will be laugh at by people. Deciding the dump bin’s shape by commodity’s shape in order to enhance the expressive force. We produce cylindrical dump bin of Coca Cola for attracting customers’ attention by imitating the shape of Coca Cola.

And thus, The sales of Coca Cola will be promoted because the Coca Cola shape-like dump bin have left a impressive impression of it’s product.Placing one or two special dump bin among some square dump bin can let the market become more vivid.

But the special dump bin should be disposed in the middle. so that it is coordinated with other surrounding dump bin.The aim of dump bin is promoting the sales, so the dump bin can not be over decorated.When design the shape of the dump bin, we should consider the cost including the labor and material.


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