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No.16, Jiangshan Road, Jingshan Town, Yuhang, Hangzhou, China.

+ 86-0571-88604229
+ 86-0571-88604228

  • Huge range of products

    Recently we have more than 300 kinds of products. Besides, we have million stocks and our products can be delivered on the next 1-2days.

  • "

    Competitive prices and high quality

    Cooperated with hundreds of the material suppliers, we can always find the most valuable ones, then manufacture higher quality products at lower price.

  • Expert knowledge

    Since 2003, we are experienced at Injection, extrusion, engraving, printing. To satisfy more customers, we take more attentions to the design, researches.

  • Speedy service

    Keeping a large stock of goods, we can deliver in 1-2days. And for better international shipping, we are located closed to Shanghai port. Besides, we have cooperated with FedEx, DHL, TNT, SF, trying to get a better price and deliver time.

  • Bespoke manufacturing

    Do you want to distinguish from others? We can Produce your own design goods with more efficiently and less cost.

  • Certification

    In order to work with more companies, we have acquired more and more certifications such as SA8000, ISO9004, ISO140000 and others,

  • Staff cares

    Not only customers, we also pay attentions to the employee care. In this way, we arrange annual body check and travels for every employee. And on 2016, we acquired Social Accountability 8000 International standard.

  • Environment

    We insist environment protection. We use eco friendly materials, and do the regular inspections for noise, air, and water.

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